Decopatch Technique

Decopatch blends the fashion flair of French textile designs to high quality decoupage paper. This beautiful paper is very strong and can be applied to to any kind of surface (flat or uneven). A versatile paper, it is geared toward home décor, decoupage, altered arts - any paper craft project.


Lamp with decopatch papers

Commode with Decopatch

Torso with Decopatch papers

Vase with Decopatch papers

For your creations you will need:

  • Decopatch papers (over 200 different designs) - see our range here
  • Paperpatch varnish-glue specially formulated to use with Decopatch papers. It is a water-based, non toxic, and odor-free. It will not alter the colours and adheres perfectly to any type of base. Once dry, it makes a clear, water-resistant satin finish. Available in a variety of sizes here
  • Bristle brushes pure silk to apply the glue. 2 sizes here
  • Decopatch Aquapro Professional varnish . A sealant perfect for giving a lasting finish to crafts projects. It can be put in contact with food - here
  • PatchLiner (outline paint) gives a pleasing finish to your decopatch colage projects
  • A glass of water to clean your brush very often
  • A pair of scissors or blades to cut your papers

Step 1

Select your object.
Tear up the paper into roughly shaped pieces.
Step 2

Brush a coat of varnish-glue over the base you want to decorate.
Step 2
Step 3

Place a piece of paper on it and make it stick with the brush full of varnish glue.
Step 4

Brush varnish-glue over the paper, smoothing it outwards from the centre.
Keep applying glue and pieces of paper until the entire surface is covered.
Step 5

Overlap slightly each piece of paper to achieve a desired effect until project completed.
Leave the base to dry and then outline with a gold cerne relief to give a pleasing finish to your Décopatch-collage project.
Once dry, the varnish-glue makes a clear, water-resistant satin finish

Step 6

Varnish with 1 or 2 coats of varnish Aquapro if you intend to use frequently the object. Et voilà!

If you want to add a beautiful finishing touch to your work, then pick our Tresors accessories by Decopatch that can be glued with Patchliner paint. Also, you will find 80 different exemples with easy to follow instructions in Magic Hobby Magazine.

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