Napkins Technique

Paper napkins applique or napkins technique is a fun technique to learn for kids, and allows adults to create such great ornaments. You just need a bit of imagination and patience! The napkin paper can be applied to virtually anything: canvas, wood, terracotta, stone, ceramic, cardboard, metal, etc.

For your creations you'll need:

  • a support
  • beautifully patterned napkins
  • acrylic paints
  • brushes
  • varnish-glue

Step 1:
Select your object. Clean it and remove any traces of dust.

Step 2:
Paint your object with a coat of acrylic paint, preferably white (or color pastel), in all cases choose a light color. Sometimes a second coat is needed. Allow your paint to dry for a few hours, this must be perfectly dry.

Napkins technique

Step 3:
Select the napkins and designs to use. Carefully cut out the design you want to stick. Peel away the second layer of paper. Remember most napkins are 3-ply, keep only the layer with the pattern.

Napkins technique

Step 4:
Glue the support with the varnish-glue and put the selected pattern flat on the surface, be careful not to rip it! Spend another coat of varnish-glue on the pattern. Allow to dry... it's finished!

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